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I have a little issue with FRV and Lightroom workflow: LR do not recognize color labels and rating stars saved in XMP files, but FRV recognize ratings and labels from LR saved in XMP .

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To import changes to XMP files, made in other applications (and that includes FastRawViewer) into Lightroom:

 - select a file or a group of files for which you want to refresh XMP data in a Lightroom catalogue.

 - use Menu – Metadata – Read metadata from files, or the context menu which appears on the right-click, selecting Metadata – Read metadata from files.

You can find more on the topic here:


Invoking the "Read Metadata from File" command appears to overwrite all edits to an image previously done in Lightroom. 
Is there any way to bring just the star ratings (or any subset of metadata changes) from FastRawViewer into Lightroom, without wiping previous edits? (BTW I typically do not use .xmp files in Lightroom.)

As described in the FastRawViewer Manual: (https://updates.fastrawviewer.com/data/FastRawViewer2-Manual-ENG.pdf#pag... ) you need to do 'Save metadata to files' before adjusting XMP tags in FastRawViewer, so:

  1. Save metadata to files in Lightroom (this will export all metadata to XMP sidecars)
  2. Change XMP sidecars via FastRawViewer. FRV will preserve all XMP tags (except for changed ratings/labels and/or WB/Contrast/Exposure if changed)
  3. (of course, do not change anything in Lightroom until changes are imported on the next step)
  4. Read metadata from files  in Lightroom

AFAIK, there is no way in Lightroom to import only ratings/labels on 'Read metadata from files'


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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