Ctrl+Shift+Tab doesn't work as a shortcut


I wanted to assign a pair of very specific shortcuts.
Ctrl+Tab works, but when i try to assign Ctrl+Shift+Tab, it's registering in the Keyboard Shortcuts as "Ctrl+Shift+Backtab" (weird), and when i use it, the program simply ignores it.
I'm wondering, why does Ctrl+Tab work, but Ctrl+Shift+Tab doesn't, and i think that this is some kind of a shortcuts bug.

Confirmed, we'll try to fix it

Workaround for now:

  - Export your shortcuts via Export button on shortcuts editor dialog (this is just text file)

  - Open the exported file in any text editor, replace ....Backtab with Tab

  - Load the edited file via Load button on Shortcuts editor

(works for me, at least :)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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