Three newbie questions (search, audio, exif editing)

Three questions from a newbie:

  1. Is it possible to search the forums? How?
  2. (Maybe this was discussed, but I don't know how to search :-( ) With many cameras (eg Fuji, Canon) you  can easily create a voice memo for any photo  on the memory card.   (Typically press a button during image play to record the corresponding memo)  So you end up with 3 files eg  DSCF1234.RAF, DSCF1234.JPG, and DSCF1234.WAV .   I find this very useful for taking notes for stuff not captured in EXIF, eg who is in the picture,  accessories used (filters, flashes, etc),  aperture data for adapted lenses, or simply "I promised a copy of this to Joe" ...  FRV can be set to move/copy/delete  these file as a group (bravo!) but is there a simple way to hear an associated audio file while culling?  Or even just to check that one exists?  
  3. Any recommendations for software to edit the metadata, eg add missing location, fix wrong time, add lens data for no-exif lenses, etc ?

Many thanks, -- Red

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