Please remove the limit pf Prefetch depth

Hello FastRawViewer Team,
please remove the limit of prefetched RAW files of 65. Using a machine with a weaker CPU/GPU the prefetched images are loading fast, but when the prefetch cash runs out, the change between files is slow. I tried to set a bigger Value in the windows registry, but it seems to have no effect.  Also it seems that if i want to go some images back to compare them, the prefetched cash of viewed images is quite small, so going back some images gets slow.


1. Thank you for the tool! It is great to culling large numbers of images!
2. How do i search the forum, can't find the search tool?

Dear Jan:

According to the application manual:

Prefetch Depth cannot be greater than half the size of the cache of the corresponding type

So, if you have enough RAM for RAW files cache, you may increase Decoded files cache size, this will increase limit for prefetch depth. Your current cache sizes are 120/130, so limit for prefetch depth is 65 (while only 60 is effective for RAWs)



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Hello Alex, thank you for the response. The "Decoded Files Cash Files" max value for raws is at the max of 120 and does not go higher. I have 32Gb ram, around 28GB is used when i cull with FRV and a big swap file on a ssd which is currently empty. Is there a way to get the limit of  "Decoded Files Cash Files for RAW" higher?
thank you!

If you've already used 7/8 of available RAM: I do not think there is some room for extension (so our limit works fine). Swap usage will result in slowdown.

RAW cache max size is hardcoded: 40 files for RAM <= 16GB; +5 files for each 1GB for RAM > 16GB (with 40Mpix/full-color images in mind).


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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