FastRawViewer 2 Release Candidate 1

Briefly: What’s New in Version 2

FastRawViewer 2.0. Release Candidate

FastRawViewer 2.0 adds the following features (each described in more detail in corresponding sections):

  1. Multi-window Display Mode with synchronous zoom, pan, focus peaking, over/underexposure highlighting, and the ability to copy the rendering parameters of RAW files
  2. Renaming files: either single files or groups, with optional use of templates.
  3. Improved performance, especially when using fast and slow data media at the same time.
  4. Improved user interface: Advanced Selection Mode improvements; Move from _Rejected; and more

Before installing the new version, please read the following section (Forewarning).


Extended trial period

This version is activated in trial mode for 45 days (or 90 days if you have FastRawViewer v1 license installed), and we hope in this time frame to finish testing.


FastRawViewer v2 does not accept FastRawViewer v1 License keys. All users who have purchased a FastRawViewer license within the last 6 months are eligible for a free upgrade. Right now upgrade infrastructure is not available (and we have not started to sell FRV v2). Please use the (fully functional) trial mode till FRV 2.0 final release.

Inherited Settings

The beta version is installed “on top of” version 1; this is done in order to avoid confusion with file association, default applications, etc. We tested this and consider it to be risk-free: the base functionality of FastRawViewer has been tested via multi-year use of version 1 and has not changed; the new and improved performance architecture has been tested on a sufficient audience with the FastRawViewer 1.8 Technical Preview.

The application Preference settings, hotkey settings, and lists of ‘last used folders’ are shared between the two versions. Downgrading from version 2 to version 1 can be done by deinstalling the new version and installing the old version.

The settings in version 2 whose names have not been changed but whose meanings or effects have (those are graphic mode and several performance settings), have been internally separated, and changing them in version 2 will not affect version 1 (and vice versa).

Hardware and OS Support

  • We have chosen to not support antiquated/outdated OSs (and in the case of Windows, old graphic modes), so the system requirements are as follows:
  • Mac: macOS 10.12 and newer, Intel or Apple M1 processors.
  • There are no other requirements – if your graphics card works with macOS 10.12, then it’s compatible with FastRawViewer 2.0
  • Windows: Windows 7 – Windows 10/64 bit, “a relatively new graphics card” with support for DirectX11:
  • Intel (integrated/CPU): Core 3rd generation (i3/i5/i7-3xxx) processors and newer
  • ATI/AMD: we recommend Radeon HD 5000 and newer.
  • Nvidia: GeForce 400 series and newer

Download Links

FastRawViewer 2.0 Features

Multi-window Display Mode

Synchronous zoom, pan, focus peaking, OE/UE; the ability to copy the rendering parameters of RAW files

Renaming Files

Either single files or groups, with optional use of renaming templates and a rename history


Improved User Interface

Advanced Selection Mode improvement; Move from _Rejected; and more

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