First Impressions

Here are my first impressions of FastRawViewer after 3 culling sessions. 
The good (why i love it)
1. It’s fast, configurable, and fits my workflow very well. 
1b. No need to import!
1c. Fairly easy to set it up to behave like Lightroom (shortcuts) for transitioning.
The bad (issues)
2. Force BW for Bayer images shows tiny squares on images. I’d like to preview images in BW, as it helps focusing on the composition. Is there an alternative way?
3. Hiding all panels should set focus on the image, to ensure arrows navigation would work. Currently if you first tap on the strip then toggle the panels the arrows won't work anymore.
The ugly (what’s to improve)
Here are a few things to help migrating away from LR and generally improve the UX. Since i’m a noob, I might have missed something.
4. Double click on single image should toggle zoom like in LR.  
5. Missing survey mode (like in LR) to quickly compare a subset of images.
6. How to apply a correction (i.e. exposure)  to multiple images at once? Selecting them and changing the exposure applies only for the current image.
7. OS X Finder integration: become a target for share to action, to start working directly from Finder. 
Please consider the above issues and improvements; FRV is solid and has great potential to take over LR in many tasks.
I'd like to hear your feedback on the points above.

Forcing BW on a sensor with CFA will result in artifacts. This mode is for modified cameras, i.e. cameras that were manufactured with CFAs but the CFA was removed by a user or a service, like Instead you can try switching to BW mode with Cmd-6.

After hiding the panels, you can use Cmd-arrows, or you can use keyboard editor (Cmd-K) and redefine shortcuts in File Handling section to your liking.

You can define double-click as Actyal pixels 1:1 in keyboard editor (Cmd-K), Zoom-Pan-Rotate section

To see several previews side by side, you can incvrease the thumbnail size (gear icon in filmstrip / grid)

To apply settings to several files, currently you can use propagation mode; please see , under "Exposure Adjustment when Browsing to the Next File"

and , under "Force XMP file creation"

To start from Finder, you can riight-click on a raw file, or drag a raw file or a folder onto FastRawViewer icon.

Thanks for the quick response; I've tried assigning double click to Actual Pixels (1:1) but it seems impossible to capture; i always get the single click (Lclick).
About applying settings to several files: keeping exposure from previous file is not a good option IMHO, since it applies always, and you're forced to reset the exposure when exiting the set. 
One more suggestion: delete the rejected folder after clearing it. If it's empty it's just an annoyance.
Thanks again for the good work so far.

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