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Forcing BW on a sensor with CFA will result in artifacts. This mode is for modified cameras, i.e. cameras that were manufactured with CFAs but the CFA was removed by a user or a service, like Instead you can try switching to BW mode with Cmd-6.

After hiding the panels, you can use Cmd-arrows, or you can use keyboard editor (Cmd-K) and redefine shortcuts in File Handling section to your liking.

You can define double-click as Actyal pixels 1:1 in keyboard editor (Cmd-K), Zoom-Pan-Rotate section

To see several previews side by side, you can incvrease the thumbnail size (gear icon in filmstrip / grid)

To apply settings to several files, currently you can use propagation mode; please see , under "Exposure Adjustment when Browsing to the Next File"

and , under "Force XMP file creation"

To start from Finder, you can riight-click on a raw file, or drag a raw file or a folder onto FastRawViewer icon.