How to work with FRV and Adobe Camera Raw

If I use FRV to select my best images based on exposure and I have the setting in FRV "Apply Adobe Hidden Exposure Correction" turned off what do I do when opening in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom? At this stage I assume ACR or Lightroom will apply the standard adobe hidden exposure correction. If so do I then need to dial the ACR exposure slider down to remove the auto correction? If so by how much do I need to dial down the exposure?
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Dear Sir:

If you are using Adobe converters, please have "Apply Adobe Hidden Exposure Correction" in "on" state, checked; and "Exposure Adjustments affects OE" in "off" state, unchecked.

Many thanks for the quick reply. I am a bit confused as turning Apply Adobe Hidden Exposure Correction on or off has no effect on the image displayed on screen. The histogram does not change which makes sense is it the Raw histogram. However, how do you evaluate the photo for exposure if the brightness on screen is not changed by the Apply Adobe Hidden Exposure Correction setting?
I have watched all the tutorial videos and in the workflow one they turned off Apply Adobe Hidden Exposure Correction to evaluate the photo and later opened in Adobe Camera Raw. As such I am confused how to use FRW with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.
Hope you can help me understand this better.

Dear Sir:

with default settings (Adobe Hidden exposure: On, Exposure correction on file open: No correction), the image is displayed with

  - hidden exposure correction applied

  - 0.00EV displayed as 'exposure correction' value.

This is compatible with Adobe programs (Lr, Camera Raw).

If you change exposure correction in FRV, the adjusted value is stored in XMP file in two fields:

  • libraw:Exposure for FRV
  • crs:Exposure for Adobe tools

These values are different by 'Hidden Exposure shift' value.

When you open file by FRV for the next time, libraw:exposure value will be used.


 - if you've not adjusted file Exposure Correction, then checking/uncheking Adobe Hidden Exposure checkbox will change brighness (because 'zero' is different)

- if exposure correction for image was changed (and stored in XMP), the brightness will not change when you check/uncheck the setting, but exposure correction value in program bottom line will be changed.

This is not 'intuitive', but Adobe's way is counter-intuitive, and there is no easy way to deal with it: the image in FRV should have same brighness as in most commonly used (Adobe) tools with zero exposure correction displayed.

Exposure evaluation: Exposure stats panel and OE display (with or without extra correction in mind) do the job well.




Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks for the explanation. this makes sense for when "Apply Adobe Hidden Exposure Correction" is on. What I am trying to do is understand the video tutorial FastrawViewer worksflow tutorial. In this they turn off "Apply Adobe Hidden Exposure Correction" becausee this may result in an incorrect evaluation of the image. At around 2mins 30 seconds into the vidoe they say to turn off "Apply Adobe Hidden Exposure Correction" as this may result in compressed highlights leading you to incorrectly rejecting the image. This makes sense but then the question is what do you do when you finally open the image in Adobe Camera Raw as it is then going to apply the Adobe Hidden Exposure Correction to top of any exposure changes you have made in FRV.
Sorry for my confusion. Can you explain the workflow in the tutorial expecially what to do when you finally open in ACR.

Yes, if you evaluate image exposure based on overall image look (so midtones and highlights) and midtones are brightened by hidden correction, than

 underexposed image may look normal, while normal exposed image (no blown out important highlights) may look too bright (and highlights are washed out or completely too bright). That is because (hidden) exposure correction is applied (while Exposure slider at 0.0).

But if you'll turn off 'Adobes Hidden correction', than image brightness in FRV and Adobe tools will differ: because Adobe tools will apply hidden correction and FRV will not.

So, you may use other exposure evaluation tools we offer in FRV:  RAW histogram, Exposure stats panel, OverExposed areas. 


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I am still struggling with the FRV Workflow Video. In this they recommend turning off the 'Adobe Hidden correction'. If I do this and make an exposure adjustment in FRV will Lightroom then apply the 'Adobe Hidden correction' on top of that applied in FRV or will Lightroom see the exposure has been changed and therefore not apply the 'Adobe Hidden correction'?

If you want to see same brightnes in Lr and FRV you need to keep 'Apply Adobe hidden exposure correction' checked.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I wish to use the process described in the FRV workflow tutorial listed on this web site. In this they turn off 'Adobe Hidden correction'. I understand what this does to the brigthness. The thing I do not undersatnd is if I turn off 'Adobe Hidden correction' in FRV and then use the auto brightness in FRV what happens when the file is then opened in Lightrrom. Will Adobe apply the hidden correction on top of that applied by FRV?

Yes, zero value in crs:Exposure XMP tag is effectively 'zero plus hidden correction'

There is no way to turn this correction off for Adobe tools (so if you need 'not corrected' midtones you should move slider to negative value in Lr/ACR).


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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