FRV 1.3.3 Zoom Issue


When I open FRV and view an image in loupe view the first time I mouse click zoom to 100% the image zooms to the top left corner.  After that it behaves properly and zooms to the mouse point.  I'm on Win 10, 2560x1600 monitor, nVidia.

Could you please specify what you use for zooming

  - mouse click (default Shift-Click, or something else)

  - or 'Z' key (lightroom-like loupe)


I am using the Z key (lightroom-like loupe).  I also have mouse left click set up to also toggle zoom.

Have you been able to reproduce this behavior?

Yes, we're able to reproduce: if FRV window does not receives any mouse clicks, than Z key zooms 'somewhere'

After first click into main image are, or after first move in image area after the first keyboard zoom everything is OK (that's why we have not noticed the problem).

We're working on this issue, hope we'll fix it in 1.3.5 release.


It is working now.  Many thanks for the quick fix for a minor problem.
By way of feedback, the zoom does not move exactly to the mouse position except at the center point of the image.  Again, a very minor issue.

This 'quick fix' moves zoom point to window center. The goal was to check it works right way now, better than before.

We'll try to do it better: keep details under mouse cursor at same place.


This one should work as expected: clicked point remains under mouse cursor for all keyboard zoom shortcuts (Z, Ctrl-1, Ctrl+)



Feedback is always welcome!

Looks great.  You guys are awesome!  Thanks very much.

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