Cat whiskers always show to be sharp when they are not


This tiny problem that I have may be a problem that can show up for others in other situations.

My cat's white whiskers always show up as being sharp even when they are very far from being sharp.
If you like you may receive files from me to check on this issue. Just tell me, and tell me if you want a direct RAW to jpg conversion to minimize size or if you like to have my original RAW files. My RAW files are 75MB each.

Yes, we want to see RAW files.

The best way to send it to us is share on Dropbox (Google drive, or other cloud storage) and send us link.

Our mail server message limit is 100Mb, so 75-mb file *may* fit (E-mail attachments are 25% larger than file itself).

Our support email is


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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I have now sent you a mail with URL's to downloading two RAW files.

Mats Carnmarker

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Without more details this sounds like it may be normal.  You don't say what you mean by "show up being sharp".  From my initial experimentation with the tool and from reading the manual there are two tools that help judge sharpness.  One is "contrast edges" and the other is "fine details".  The manual is quite clear in stating that "contrast edges" is not always a good indicator of sharpness.  From your description of "white whiskers" it sounds like you are using "contrast edges" to judge sharpness.  What do you see when you use "fine details"?

We discussed the issue in E-mail with posting starter.

The 'fine detail'  is suited well for printing (at 300-400dpi) or for screen viewing at 1/3 size at ~100dpi (so the initial image fills entire screen). If someone wants to enlarge the image much, one needs more 'fine' fine details filter.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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