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As a brand new user, I suspect this is a case of pilot error, but for some reason FRW doesn't read existing Adobe sidecar files.  Could you set me straight on this please?  While I appreicate the fact that FRV is intended as a first step program, I have 10's of thousands existing files where it would be helpful.

Dear Sir:

Normally FastRawViewer does read the sidecar files, please send an example of your XMP file to and we will investigate.

My apoligies.  It was, as supected, pilot error :)
However, I now note that while the full screen image correctly displays the edits made in the xmp file, the thumbnails reflect the unedited file.  I have senbt the requested file.

Dear Sir,

In thumbnail view, FastRawViewer displays JPEG thumbnails stored in RAW files, not rendered RAWs (it is not possible to render RAWs that fast to show in thumbnal view). So, yes, changes to WB/Exposure/Contrast are not reflected in thumbnail view.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Hello Everyone,
I have a similar question. I've set photoshop / Adobe Camera Raw as an external editor, and when I edit a RAW file in Camera Raw, for example white balance or exposure, I don't see the change back in FRV, even after I've asked FRV to refresh the current folder. Is there a way to see my camera raw edits to the .XMP in FRV? Thanks!

FastRawViewer stores two set of exposure/wb tags:  own tags (libraw:..) and Adobe tags (crs: ).

Prior to version 1.4 (1.0...1.3.9), FRV always prefer own tags (if present). So FRV-edit - than ACR edit - than open in FRV will ignore changes made in ACR.

In FRV 1.4 we address this issue by adding new option Preferences - XMP - (Adobe compatible section) - Preferred XMP tags for Exposure/WB

By default it set to FastRawViewer (so, repeat pre-1.4 behaviour), but you may change to:

 - Adobe Camera Raw/Lr - always use Adobe tags if present

 - Flexible - use last changed tag set.

Last option (Flexible) requires .XMP files created by FRV 1.4 (it stores modify time for own tags), but shoulr be most predictable.  Second option (Adobe) will works right with older XMP if default XMP options in FRV was used (Adobe tags are always saved).

FRV 1.4 avialable here:

It is 'release candidate', stable enough, but may have minor issues.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you very much Lexa, I appreciate the help! It looks like I can now see exposure and white balance edits, but only if I force a full metadata read, is that the way it should work?
One more issue I'm having that I just realized is that star ratings don't always match what lightroom is showing. I have a folder that shows 3 three-star ratings in FRV, but 31 3-star ratings in LR. Both programs should be up to date with syncronized metadata, and LR's 31 3-stars is correct, I'm not sure why FRV is showing only three. This is happening for some folders, but not all folders. Do you think this is user-error, or a bug? Let me know if I should repost this in the bug forum, Thanks again for your help!

1st: yes, FRV do not monitor XMP files in current folder for change (yet),. it looks too expensive to re-read these files frequently.

2nd: If FRV do not show star rating for file, it means either bug or XMP file not updated by Lightroom.

Could you please send XMP file for file that shown by Lr 'as 3 stars' but not shown by FRV?

BTW, are your files are DNG files or not?


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Hi Lexa,
That makes sense on the auto-updating of xmp and is not a big issue. The mismatched star ratings I am seeing quite a bit now in other folders actually, I never noticed this until the 1.4 update. They are Canon CR2 files. I'd be happy to send one to you, how should I send it? Thanks!

Use our official support E-mail:



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team


Just checked with latest Lightroom (2015.10, from Creative Cloud)

 - even if Catalog Settings - Automatically write changes to XMP is turned on

- Lr does not synchronize rating changes in XMP files immediately and automatically

You still need to 'Select All files - Right click - Metadata - Save metadata to files' (or same thing via Menu - Metadata).

FRV do not read Lr catalog, but reads XMP sidecar files.

Please try and provide us with feedback.

It looks like Lr error ('automatically write to XMP' should write into XMP on each change)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you for this information, I'm a bit surprised that this needs to be done! The folder in question was almost two years old, and when I saved the metadata, the 3-star images apppeared in FRV. I have "automatically write to xmp" turned on. I guess I will save the metadata for the whole catalog just to be safe, thanks!

I'm surprised too. To test, I've created new catalog with only two RAWs, set 'update XMP' in catalog prefs and it worked, XMP files was created immediately after rating change.

But after import additional 1000+ images, automated XMP creaction stoped. Looks like Lr bug. Fortunately, Menu - Metadata - Save metadata works.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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