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FastRawViewer stores two set of exposure/wb tags:  own tags (libraw:..) and Adobe tags (crs: ).

Prior to version 1.4 (1.0...1.3.9), FRV always prefer own tags (if present). So FRV-edit - than ACR edit - than open in FRV will ignore changes made in ACR.

In FRV 1.4 we address this issue by adding new option Preferences - XMP - (Adobe compatible section) - Preferred XMP tags for Exposure/WB

By default it set to FastRawViewer (so, repeat pre-1.4 behaviour), but you may change to:

 - Adobe Camera Raw/Lr - always use Adobe tags if present

 - Flexible - use last changed tag set.

Last option (Flexible) requires .XMP files created by FRV 1.4 (it stores modify time for own tags), but shoulr be most predictable.  Second option (Adobe) will works right with older XMP if default XMP options in FRV was used (Adobe tags are always saved).

FRV 1.4 avialable here:

It is 'release candidate', stable enough, but may have minor issues.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team