Underexposure limit and DR

I’m using a RAW 14bit (ISO 64) file from a D810.  
In preferences the default underexposure limit  is set to 8EV.   I have customised the value to 2EV lower (10.EV).
After performing a shadow boost (S) set to the 2.0EV I still get visually clean shadows.   
Does this mean I can assume the camera’s DR is 10EV (or 7 below EV0) when I go to meter a future scene at ISO64.

Dear Saul,

Yes, but it also depends on the lens you are using. Lens flare can have some effect on this, too. My test with good primes on D810 resulted in 10 1/2 stops of linear photographic dynamic range.

Thanks Iliah

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