Selections not Saved


If I select images using the check box in FRV 1.4.2 build 1134, the selections are lost when I close and re-open FRV. Since I don't always get through several hundred images in one session, this makes the program rather useless for me.
I have searched the PDF manual in various ways, and find no way to keep the selections.
Photo Mechanic, which of course doesn't display RAW histograms, does preserve selections from session to session.
'Show Selected Files' is checked. That makes no difference.

Dear Sir:

Selections, like it is with, say, Word, are run-time. Please use labels or ratings to mark the files you've selected. We will see about saving selections automatically at the end of the session for future releases.

O.K., figured out how to use labels to do this. Still, it would be nice to be able to just check the selection box, as in PM. One click instead of three.

Dear Sir:

You can set auto-advance after a file is rated/labled; and that ratings and labels can be assigned using hotkeys. 

Dear Sir:

If you still prefer selections, you can save those manually, please see "Select/Batch" menu - it allows to save / load /append selections.

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