Some features not available (e.g. Shadow Boost, Highlight Inspection)


Don't know if this is a bug, or just a limitation on viewing X3F files from a Sigma DP2 Merrill. When watching CR2 files (Canon) the features are available. I can't upload a sample file, because of the file size and type limit, but I could make one available via a cloud service, if needed.

Dear Sir:

As it is mentioned on the first page and in the list of supported cameras, "For Sigma Foveon cameras, raw viewing is not supported."

The Sigma DP2 Merill is in the list of the supported cameras. And raw viewing works. So that statement (I found it as a footnote) contradicts the detailed list of supported cameras. 

Dear Sir:

For X3F files FastRawViewer is displaying the internal JPEG. That is why the title of the histogram window says "JPEG", and the letter "I" is highlighted in white in the bottom bar.

OK, I get it. You might want to remove this camera (and all others with Foveon sensor) from the supported camera list. The whole purpose of my purchase was based on the assuption supported means "really supported". Since it wasn't much money, I don't bother for a refund, but I'm disappointed for sure.

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