X-T1 RAF Files Rendering Very Poorly at 100%


When viewing RAF files at 100%, I'm getting a ton of jagged, grid-like, colorful artifacts in areas of high detail. It's making it very difficult to determine critical sharpness when culling through images.
I have "Use high speed preview for Fujifilm X-Trans" turned off in preferences. Reducing on-screen sharpening to 1px radius and 80% amount blurs the artifacts a little, but obviously makes it even harder to determine sharpness. Reducing further than that makes images too blurry to be useful.
I'm shooting on an X-T1, firmware up to date, using a wide variety of Fuji lenses. These artifacts display on photos from all of them, but become especially noticeable when depth of field is high.
I assume I have some of the prefs set up incorrectly, but I've fiddled around and can't figure it out.
Here are some 100% views I screengrabbed from from FRV using a couple of images with a lot of sharpness:

Dear Sir:

We need to maintain some balance between the quality and speed. Hardware is progressing, allowing us to use more sophisticated algorithms without significant sacrificers in speed, and we are working on providing better quality for 100% view.

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OK, thank you. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong on my end. Your product has been a real benefit to my workflow, there's nothing else like it on the market. I look forward to this issue being resolved!

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