Are exposure changes in FRV passed to external apps?

For example, if the EV is changed in FRV and then P(assed) to an external editor, does FRV pass the updated Raw file data?

FastRawViewer doesn't change raw files. Instead, we write a sidecar XMP file with the parametric edits. Adobe applications (Camera Raw, Lightroom) will pick the change in EV. You can find more in our Manual, please have a look at under "Recording of the exposure correction to XMP files: Interaction with Adobe Programs". 

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The problem is that none of my five (non-Adobe) editor/apps read the xmp side-car files.  So, the fact that FRV has no "Save" option to any other format means that any of the adjustmensts in  FRV are of absolutely no use to me as they are completely transient.  ie they cannot be passed on and therefore are pointless to make.

Modifying raw files is modyfying originals. Even if done, it is not a solution: non-destructive edits are through a parameter that your raw converters may not (an most probably will not) recognize; while changing raw data is a totally uncharted territory, may cause clipping and posterization in a converter.

FastRawViewer is meant for culling, and adjusting brightness (through EV) is a useful tool here.

We will be happy to support your converters - please ask the developers what they want as parameters in sidecar files, or ask them to contact us directly,

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Just as a claification, I was not asking for the Raw data to be (permantely) modified. 
For example, SNS-HDR does not read xmp side-car files (but it does read Raw files).
I guess the only way for FRV to pass the (adjusted) image data to another app that cannot read the side-car file is for FRV to support (eg) save to Tiff...which I unsderstand is on the to-do list.
Nevermind...I will find a way to work around it.  Thanks.

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Sorry for the spelling there no way to edit a self-owned comment?

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I was able to solve this (outside of FRV) by checking an option in DxO to use DNG format to pass to the pixel editor (ie Raw -> Raw).

Can you develop precisely your method with Dxo?

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