Fix filmstrip to right hand side?

Is there a shortcut to fix the filmstrip down the right hand side of the screen? When I drag it there it pops back to the top or bottom.

Sorry, in current version the only allowed areas for filmstrip are top,bottom and left (+floating window mode). This is an artifact from previous versions (where all panels in right column was fixed in height), we'll fix it in next minor update. Thank you for pointing to the problem.

Thanks. Looking forward to the update.

Filmstrip is allowed in right dock area in latest beta (1.4.6-1224 uploaded today):

Download links are at bottom of page.


Woe! Thank you for fixing it so quickly. It works a treat.

This is really minor fix (just add right side to allowed areas for this panel). It was not added to 1.4.0 release (where we changed right side panels from fixed size to resizable) because of our inattention. So, the problem was fixed in minutes (including testing) and this fix just added to new beta build.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, and problem reports.

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