Button Bars missing?

Hello, at first i want to say that i think you people did and do a great job in creating this little masterpiece of a software. Great customization possibilities and well thought mechanics. I love it. 
Basically i wouldn't have any cause to write here, because as i said, i am amazed and i had no troubles with FRV so far. 
But there is one thing i cannot figure out. When i opened the program today, the Button Tool Bars i had placed on the left and right of my workspace where gone. I searched through all menus, all settings, through the manual, through this forum. 
I couldn't find any topic on how to reactivate these button bars. I mean those bars, which contain buttons for doing operations like toggle grid, strip view, or the one with Focus Peaking, Under-, Overexposure checking etc. 
Was there an update that removed these Button bars? Did i miss something? Or am i just blind and there is a simple, but well hidden way to bring them back?
Anybody please give me a hint how to set them up again. 

Dear Sir:

Most likely, you mean toolbars (with large buttons), that are disabled by default, but enabled when touchscreen functions are turned on?

Please go to Preferences (Menu - File - Customize - Preferences), open Touchscreen tab and make sure that Enable Touchscreen features and Enable Toolbars are both checked.

If these settings are checked, individual toolbar visibility are controlled via Menu - Panels - Toolbars sub-menu.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Gosh....u nailed it. Now i remember, i unchecked the touchscreen functionality a few days ago. And here they are again...thank you very much for the fast reply. Keep up the good work. 

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