High ISO noise rendering change with recent update?

I have noticed that with the most recent update, the style and colors that FRV uses to display high ISO noise has changed significantly. the noise seems to have more random color to it and resembles adobe's interpretation versus the cleaner look that comes from capture NXD... it has a noticeably stronger purple tint. Is there a reason for this change? I feel the old style was a better representation of optimal output using capture NXD and would like to know if there is a way to change it back. Thanks for a fantastic program!

Dear Sir:

Could you please e-mail us a link to a sample raw file and your Preferences.

Windows: to back up the preferences, please use the BackupSettings.cmd script, which is installed in the same C:\Program Files\LibRaw\FastRawViewer\scripts\ folder. 

As a result of running this script, an FRV-backup folder will be created in your Documents folder. This FRV-backup folder will contain three files containing a copy of your program’s settings:

  • Preferences.reg – for the settings which are controlled through the Preferences 
  • Shortcuts.reg – the settings for the keyboard shortcuts 
  • LastUsedSettings.reg – this contains the automatically saved settings such as a list of Recent Files/Recent Folders, window position, etc. 

Please e-mail us the Preferences.reg file

Mac OS X: the settings are stored in ~Library/Preferences/com.libraw-llc.FastRawViewer.plist - please e-mail us this file.

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