HEIF Files?

I just got a Sony A7iv camera, and have made some .HIF files, just to test.  I am using FRV V2.01 build 1862, and I was surprised that FRV seems to be able to display the .HIF files in the thumbnails, and even open them up?
However, the Adjustments don't seem to do anything. 
Is there anything else (e.g. adjust exposure, etc.) that FRV can do with these files?  Also, is there a way to get FRV to save the files off as, say, JPG?
Thanks (and BTW, Happy New Year! ),

Dear Sir:

Happy New Year to you too.

.HIF files are not raw files, FastRawViewer can only display them, like it does with JPEG files.

FastRawViewer doesn't save rendered bitmaps, it is designed to be a viewer for culling raw files.

Ok, thanks for the clarification!

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