Move to folder function and symlinks


I sometimes need to work with images which are actually symlinks to other folder. When I use Move to folder or Move to _Rejected functions, FastRawViewer doesn't move the symlink, but the file which links target to. I think it is not a correct behavior.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a folder Photos and put some images into it
  2. Create a folder LinkedPhotos and make symlinks pointing to images in Photos folder from the step 1 (something like this: ln -s ../Photos/*.jpg .)
  3. Open LinkedPhotos folder in FastRawViewer, select an image and use Move to _Rejected function (Move to folder is affected as well)

Expected behavior:
The symlink in LinkedPhotos folder should be moved to _Rejected folder while maintaining link to target file correctly (it is important for relative symlinks). Original image in Photos folder should not be affected.
Actual behavior:
The symlink is removed from LinkedPhotos folder and linked image file is moved - i.e. the file from Photos folder is moved to _Rejected subfolder of the LinkedPhotos folder.

Dear Michael:

Thank you for your feedback.

Moving symlinks, esp. re-calculating relative links is not that easy as it may sound (at least, both unix/macOS mv command and macOS Finder fail on it: i.e. moves symlink 'as is' without re-calculation).

We need to think about it, but probably it will end with 'do not allow symlink copy/move' setting  (and defaults to on).


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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