File renaming: individual patterns/tokens?

I want to have as file name this format:

/yyyy-MM-dd/ → 2022-09-21_name-of-photo_#.dng
But I can choose only between the predefined patterns?

The renaming pattern is constructed from multiple tokens. Use [+] button at  Token:... line to append current pattern with selected token. Type-in characters you want between tokens.

The [] Enable history checkbox will help recall recently used pattern(s).

Details are in application manual, as usual:


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Also, one may just type-in tokens (e.g. /Fn/, full list in the manual) in renaming pattern line, not (only) select from predefined list


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I struggled with the same problem. In my photo archive I use a specific naming convention and was not able to implement this with the existing tokens.
I would need the parts of the EXIF date as separate entities, like:

  • /yyyy/ or /yy/ = year
  • /MM/ = month
  • etc...

Me and the OP could then get "2022-12-24_Filename.Ext" by using the tokens "/yyyy/-/MM/-/dd/_/FN/".
Maybe we could achive the same result using our "local time format setting" (token "/Dformat/"). But I could not get this to work. My locale date format on my Mac is configured to be "YYYY-MM-DD" and it shows like this in the file manager and other places. But in FRV's renamer tool "/Dformat/" will give me the time instead and with strange results like "for9amCET" or "for1pmCET" and similar.


Browsing through the forum I found an example of the "/Dformat/" token.
This means that the desired feature is already present and I misunderstood the syntax and function of the "/Dformat/" token. Sorry for that!
To get "2022-12-24_Filename.Ext" you need the "custom" token "/Dformat/" where "format" is the placeholder for any desired squence of date-items (yy, yyyy, MM, dd) and it may also contain other characters which are then added exactly as written.
=> The date as written above would need "/Dyyyy-MM-dd/", the complete string would be: "/Dyyyy-MM-dd/_/FN/".
Should you rather prefer a buch of separate date entities you could also use a custom date token for each part of the compound, for example: "/Dyyyy/-/DMM/-/Ddd/_/FN/".
Happy creating your own customized renaming scheme...!

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