Shortcut for "Move current file to _Selected folder" seems not to work


I am impressed by the performance and am considering purchasing Fast Raw Viewer to be used as a first step before working further with my photos in LightRoom.
The idea is to first screen all photos in FRV, moving them into _Rejected and _Preserved folders and then only work further with the files in _Preserved (after moving them back to their original folder). 
I would also like to use the same shortcuts as in Lightroom: 'x' for Reject, and 'p' for Flag so that I don't have to memorize more shortcuts than needed and also avoid hitting wrong key by mistake.
I have assigned 'x' as menu shortcut for "Move current file to _Rejected folder" and LRV moves the files as expected.
However, assigning 'p' as menu shortcut for "Move current file to _Selected folder" seems not to work. In a matter of fact, I cannot assign any key or key combination to that menu choice. 
Am I missing something, or is this a bug?
Best Regards
Tord Andreasson

> assigning 'p' as menu shortcut for "Move current file to _Selected folder" seems not to work.

Do you receive a warning about a conflict, like "key combination already used..."? Is "move to selected" enabled in FastRawViewer Preferences? What OS are you using? What is your keyboard layout? What version of FastRawViewer? Do you have any keyboard / mouse enhanced behavior drivers installed?

When assigning to 'p' I get a warning about a conflict that 'p' is already used for toggling focus peaking. I don't use that feature so I confirmed the change. I have tried assiging other keys as well but don't get it to work. Strange, since I am able to customize any key to the "Move current file to _Rejected folder"
I use Windows 10.
My keyboard layout is Swedish. 
I run FRV version 2.0.5 build 1945
I have not installed any keyboard or mouse enhacing drivers.
Best regards,
Tord Andreasson

I now see that "move to selected" was not enabled... 
Now it works :)
Best Regards
Tord Andreasson

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