Refresh folder list after moving images to new subfolder


When I select images and then right click to "Move To" a new subfolder, the tree on the left panel does not show the new folder automatically. I think it should update that tree list, whenever you create a new subfolder in FRV.
I am using FRV 2.0.8 (latest version).

FastRawViewer relies on operating system services for that: if OS signals that 'current folder contents has changed', the new subfolder will be added to Folders panel.  Timed rescan may be too resource consuming on large folders esp. on slow media (e.g. network folders or removable media folders).

If Operating System does not provide a signal mentioned above: you need to use manual rescan (Folder panel - gear menu - refresh folders tree).


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I understand the need for speed in the app and appreciate that.
What I noticed is that when you create a subfolder in the panel on the left, it immediately shows it. That is why I think that when you create a subfolder during moving the selected images to it, should do the same and show it.

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