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Good News!
RC1 has solved the problem completely.
Just one comment - I noticed Auto Exposure Correction did not occur in RC1.
Yes, I had View > Exposure Correction > A   set ON and correction in Trial version was applied when opening files but not when opening file in RC1.
I checked Preferences in RC1 and discovered Image Display > Exposure Correction on  File Open was set to "no correction". This therefore overrides user toggle "A" and Toggling "A" on and off had no effect.
I have no record of former Trial preference settings. After changing Preference setting to "Auto Exposure", then auto correction was applied.
Anyway, Auto Exposure Correction is working properly now. Perhaps I had set Prefs to "Auto Exposure" in my Trial version.

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
FRV Windows x64-DX9