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AHA!  I read the information for the preferences and read it wrong.  I put IN the extensions I wanted displayed in the "Additional RAW Extensions" because I thought "Ignore extensions when file browsing" meant it would "ignore" the extension and display the files.  My mistake. 
Since I never shoot RAW+JPG, I"ll try changing the registry value to see if that displays and lets me set ratings and labels for jpegs.
For the long filename problem - up 'til now the folders I've been using have been temporary for doing culling.  But if you're limiting the size of the folder as you are the size of the filename I"ll run into the same problem with the folder once the images are in their actual home...  If you ARE going to limit the size of the file to such a small space, can you have it use the same convention as elsewhere and display the beginning and end with the file extension and the "..." where information is truncated in the middle?
Is there any way to have FRV display a full filename (folder and file) unobtrusively in the image window - similar to what Bridge does in the slideshow so its possible to easily see?  I can get by without seeing the other information I'm used to having display with the filename like the exposure information (which is really useful when shooting close-ups at different apertures), but it would be nice to see filename so I know what's in the image group.  In Bridge or Lightroom I can select a set of images in the filmstrip so when I do the full-screen display only those images are presented, but I can't find a way to select a set of images in the FRV filmstrip.