Rating and Labeling jpegs, displaying ONLY RAW images, filenames in bottom bar

I'll throw this into a new topic...
On occasion I have to capture images in jpeg format.  When this happens, I frequently have both RAW images and jpegs (not RAW+JPEG, separate images) in the folder.  At present, I haven't been able to find a way to tell FRV NOT to display the jpegs.  I've been through the manual, searching on a variety of terms for how to display only camera-specific RAWs, tiffs, and .dngs.  I can't find a way...
Another problem I'm seeing is that when going through and doing the initial culling, if I DO have images in multiple formats I need to rate and label them.  Again, I haven't been able to find a method to do the ratings and labels on jpegs as I can in Bridge.
Last, on the bottom bar, even though I have a huge amount of empty space on the right, the space allocated for the filename isn't long enough to display the full filename on many of my files.  For example, a normal filename such as "150520-1357 +2K +39 CC MN cloudy.dng" (or .nef or .jpg) displays as "-1357 +2K +39 CC MN clo", which means I can't see the entire name OR the extension.  Is there a way to configure the bottom bar to ensure it displays the ENTIRE filename since there's no filename displayed in the large image window.  Speaking of which, is there a way to configure FRV to display information such as the full filename in the window with the large image so I don't have to keep referring to the filmstrip for every image that may be part of a panorama, HDR set, or high-focal-range set of images?

Dear Sir:

To completely disable JPEG display: add *.JPG  (and *.JPEG if you use this extension) to Preferences - File Handling - Ignore extensions when file browsing list. FRV will completely ignore such files: do not pair with RAW in RAW+JPEG mode, do not show in thumbnails list and even will refuse to display file if you drop somefile.jpg in program window.

JPEG XMP Rating/Labels editing: by default it turned off because in not 'Raw+jpeg' mode editing XMP for JPEG will kill XMP for RAW with same name and vice versa.

So, if you really want to edit XMP for JPEG files you need to turn it of by:

 Windows: open registry editor (regedit), navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LibRaw LLC\FastRawViewer\Prefs and change EnableJPEGXMP value to 1

 Mac OS X: issue this command in Terminal window:

defaults write com.libraw-llc.FastRawViewer Prefs.EnableJPEGXMP 1


Long filenames: Full filename, regardles of length is displayed in:

* Window title bar

* Tooltip poping up in Thumbnails/Filmstrip panel when mouse pointer is over file icon

Unfortunately, if we allow arbitrary filename length in bottom bar, it will affect heavily display of 'if fits' entries in bottom bar, so we opted to limit filename, foldername and EXIF fields in bottom bar


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

AHA!  I read the information for the preferences and read it wrong.  I put IN the extensions I wanted displayed in the "Additional RAW Extensions" because I thought "Ignore extensions when file browsing" meant it would "ignore" the extension and display the files.  My mistake. 
Since I never shoot RAW+JPG, I"ll try changing the registry value to see if that displays and lets me set ratings and labels for jpegs.
For the long filename problem - up 'til now the folders I've been using have been temporary for doing culling.  But if you're limiting the size of the folder as you are the size of the filename I"ll run into the same problem with the folder once the images are in their actual home...  If you ARE going to limit the size of the file to such a small space, can you have it use the same convention as elsewhere and display the beginning and end with the file extension and the "..." where information is truncated in the middle?
Is there any way to have FRV display a full filename (folder and file) unobtrusively in the image window - similar to what Bridge does in the slideshow so its possible to easily see?  I can get by without seeing the other information I'm used to having display with the filename like the exposure information (which is really useful when shooting close-ups at different apertures), but it would be nice to see filename so I know what's in the image group.  In Bridge or Lightroom I can select a set of images in the filmstrip so when I do the full-screen display only those images are presented, but I can't find a way to select a set of images in the FRV filmstrip.

Thank you for the suggestions:

 - filenames in bottom bar should be compacted the same way as in Filmstrip, you're absolutely right

 - Some kind of transparent overlay with filename/folder/EXIF summary may be useful, esp. in full-screen mode with side panels disabled

Added to TODO list for next releases.

For now, you can use EXIF window to display complete filenames and folder name. You may:

 - Enable Folder name in EXIF display settings (press 'gear' button on EXIF panel), the Filename/Folder group is at very bottom by default

 - Move entire group to top (by using Up arrow at group heading)

 - Disable EXIF row names to give more space.

So, EXIF settings like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n7vptigpxgrn3ob/Screenshot%202015-05-28%2022.1...

Than you may make left panels wider to give more space: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7zipcgkmb0azd98/Screenshot%202015-05-28%2022.2...

Also, you may move EXIF panel outside of panel 'dock' (floating) and make it semi-transparent (Gear button in floating panel and change Opacity). Like this:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/t3bgzex826wxedd/Screenshot%202015-05-28%2022.2...



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Lexa, thanks for the suggestions.  I've reconfigured so it's a little easier to get better information while going through the first pass of image culling.  FRV works well with my workflow since my first pass is typically done at 50 - 100% to see if the image is sharp where it needs to be.  Any that aren't are marked to be deleted later and figuratively removed from the set by no longer displaying them.  Then a second pass is done on the remainder to check composition, exposure, and the other parameters used to determine which images should be kept.  During that pass, images are given a rating to indicate whether or not they'll definitely be edited and a rating to show what type of image they are (normal, HDR or PANO, B&W, special, etc).
By the way, I haven't found a way to show all images EXCEPT those with a particular label or rating, nor have I found a way to show all the images in a folder WITH a specific label or rating.  Is there a way in FRV to select a subset of images by label, rating, or other piece(s) of xmp data such as camera body, lens, focal length, ISO aperture, etc, so that only those images are visible in the filmstrip?
Unfortunately, I've now hit an actual problem...  I changed the registry to allow me to do labels and ratings on jpegs.  And I went through a couple folders of images, labeling those to be deleted later as "Trashable", and rating those definitely to be edited as a "1".....  Both show up fine in FRV.  BUT, the ratings and labels aren't embedded in the jpg file.  FRV is creating XMP files, which as near as I can tell don't get read by any of the Adobe products.  Bridge has no idea what the labels or ratings are on the jpegs, and neither does Lightroom.
I suspect there's no way around this in the current version of the product, and you may elect to keep the product usable stricly for RAW images, which will be useful for me under MOST conditions (other than the specific situation where I'm shooting series of images for high-focal-range "image stacking" I shoot RAW 99% of the time), it means I have to remember not to use the tool in those situations where I'm not dealing with RAW files...

Embed XMP data in JPEG: we opted to do not alter image files in any way (for MANY reasons, see forum wars about 'Lightroom damage my files.....'). This is another reason to do not mark alone JPEGS with ratings, because Adobe programs do not read these XMPs (while other programs, like PhotoMechanic and many others, do).

Altering image files is a very very bad idea if you work with non-stable media like flash cards: the less writes you do, the more stable media will.

Filtering by Rating/Label: not present now in FRV, already i TODO for next versions,



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I can't tell if you DO alter the jpeg xmp--say for Photo Mechanic--or not?  The preferences and your suggestions above seem to suggest that you do.
But, it doesn't seem to work.
Also, it would be interesting if an XMP is present for JPEG if you could write its contents to the JPEG--as a user command, not automatically.
My problem is that CAPTURE ONE writes updates to rating into the jpeg's xmp.  But, not program on the planet appears to ever read it.  Except maybe you guys...

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