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Thank you for the suggestions:

 - filenames in bottom bar should be compacted the same way as in Filmstrip, you're absolutely right

 - Some kind of transparent overlay with filename/folder/EXIF summary may be useful, esp. in full-screen mode with side panels disabled

Added to TODO list for next releases.

For now, you can use EXIF window to display complete filenames and folder name. You may:

 - Enable Folder name in EXIF display settings (press 'gear' button on EXIF panel), the Filename/Folder group is at very bottom by default

 - Move entire group to top (by using Up arrow at group heading)

 - Disable EXIF row names to give more space.

So, EXIF settings like this:

Than you may make left panels wider to give more space:

Also, you may move EXIF panel outside of panel 'dock' (floating) and make it semi-transparent (Gear button in floating panel and change Opacity). Like this:



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team