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Lexa, thanks for the suggestions.  I've reconfigured so it's a little easier to get better information while going through the first pass of image culling.  FRV works well with my workflow since my first pass is typically done at 50 - 100% to see if the image is sharp where it needs to be.  Any that aren't are marked to be deleted later and figuratively removed from the set by no longer displaying them.  Then a second pass is done on the remainder to check composition, exposure, and the other parameters used to determine which images should be kept.  During that pass, images are given a rating to indicate whether or not they'll definitely be edited and a rating to show what type of image they are (normal, HDR or PANO, B&W, special, etc).
By the way, I haven't found a way to show all images EXCEPT those with a particular label or rating, nor have I found a way to show all the images in a folder WITH a specific label or rating.  Is there a way in FRV to select a subset of images by label, rating, or other piece(s) of xmp data such as camera body, lens, focal length, ISO aperture, etc, so that only those images are visible in the filmstrip?
Unfortunately, I've now hit an actual problem...  I changed the registry to allow me to do labels and ratings on jpegs.  And I went through a couple folders of images, labeling those to be deleted later as "Trashable", and rating those definitely to be edited as a "1".....  Both show up fine in FRV.  BUT, the ratings and labels aren't embedded in the jpg file.  FRV is creating XMP files, which as near as I can tell don't get read by any of the Adobe products.  Bridge has no idea what the labels or ratings are on the jpegs, and neither does Lightroom.
I suspect there's no way around this in the current version of the product, and you may elect to keep the product usable stricly for RAW images, which will be useful for me under MOST conditions (other than the specific situation where I'm shooting series of images for high-focal-range "image stacking" I shoot RAW 99% of the time), it means I have to remember not to use the tool in those situations where I'm not dealing with RAW files...