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Dear Sir:

as also answered in E-mail reply, this is does not as simple as it sounds. Nested folders view works fine if you have fixed file list and no file operations (as in Lightroom: separate import step, so file list not changes while you browse Lr catalog). Many file operations in 'subfolder flat view' are becoming very non trivial, for example:

  • Move files to _Rejected: multiple _rejected folders should be created (or not?)
  • Quick copy/move file to Subfolder: multiple subfolders should be created in different folders? This is definitely not expected
  • Simple copy/move to another folder: should subfolder structure be preserved or not?
  • Copy/move to some folder that already part of flat subfolder view

There are a lot of such minor points (most of them are related to file copy/move operations) that prevents easy implementing of flat subfolders view. The only real solution is to disable

a. Folder refresh while browsing in this mode

b. Any file operations (excluding XMP change)

Is this solution (no file ops in this mode) looks acceptable?


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team