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Hello FastRawViewerTeam,
FRW is a really good program, I tried it right now for the first time after the recommondation on Photography Life and I am astonished of the image display in high quality without any noticable delay.
There is one feature, that I miss and because of that, I can't integrate FRW into my workflow:
I need to cull all images in all subfolders at the same time.
I often have 2000+ photos from one shooting using 2-3 different cameras at once. Unfortunatly my Sony cameras all use the same filenames and because of that, I have to download their data in different subfolders. For fast decision what images are the keepers, I have to see all files in order of shooting, no matter what camera the images are from. The only hassle free way is to load each camera in a different subfolder. In lightroom this is easy, because of the feature "Show photos in subfolders, but there is no way to do this in FRV.
Because of this I can't use FRV, what is really a pity. Maybe you find a way to enable this?

Dear Sir:

thank you for your suggestion. Your request is added to TODO list for version 1.5 (it is already too long for 1.4)

Thanks, that would be great.
I used today FastRawViewer with great pleasure for the first real project. 2021 photos rated with * and ** in about 2 hours. And I am sure this was faster than doing it in Lightroom, despite the special "Library" mode in LR. The transfer of my ratings with .xmp to Lightroom was hassle free. And I am sure the precision of decisions based on detail sharpness of each image was much higher than using Lightroom. I guess, the reason is the user friendly sharperning of the preview in FastRawViewer.
I have another suggestion for an enhancement for faster rating and will open a new post for it.
Thanks a lot!

That would be great!

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