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Hello Lexa!
Half an our after I purchased a license, you fixed an error I reported. Coincidence I think, but nice anyway! o)
I tested the version you linked to and moving files to _Rejected now works fine for generic UNC paths like below:
That's great news! Thank you! o)
With local symlinks though, which point to these exact same UNC paths, FRV still fails to move the files. A little enhancement when using symlinks is still there. Files won't vanish from the grid or thumbnail bar anymore even though they were not moved/fail to move.
So with a local symlinked folder D:\dat\gfx, which is pointing to \\\dat_content\gfx and created like this:
> mklink /D D:\dat\gfx \\\dat_content\gfx
FRV would not move files if the path opened contained the symlink. It does show images and stuff fine though, so I think it's not a general access problem. I investigated a little on my own with procmon.exe and found out that FRV seems to not correctly resolve the symlink when moving files.
This is an excerpt, just trying to move a single file to _Rejected here. Notice the selected line. There is some weird path all of a sudden, reading D:\dat\UNC\\.. so it's local and UNC paths all in the mix. Maybe that is part of the problem? 

Thank you for your time and efforts! Greatly appreciated!
Hope to read you soon. o)