Copy/Move does not work


Hi Folks! o)
First of all, I'm really impressed by FRV. Nice work! o) 
I was so impressed with the viewing speed, I got addicted and also upgraded hardware to get even faster raw viewing with FRV. o)

Unfortunately I have some issues I'd like to resolve with your help. I maintain a list of things, let's start with a bigger issue I have.
The copy/move functionality does not work for me.

A move/copy to "_Rejected" or other folders fail for network drives or file system locations wich are network related (UNC paths like \\\d$\tmp\delme e.g. or folders which are symlinks to network locations). Thumbnails will always dissapear after initiating a move e.g., but no image is ever moved. The "_Rejected" folder will be created most of the time but remains empty. Images don't travel. Sometimes FRV tends to hang after initiating the move, killing the app is necessary. Choosing a move-to location manually also does not help.
If there is anything I can do to help investigating the problem, please let me know! o)
Thanks, tb! o)

Dear Sir:

Please make sure that the network drives are mounted and you can browse files there using Explorer/Finder.

Hello, thanks for your quick response! o)
The network locations seem to be perfectly fine. I can browse, edit, copy, move and create in these locations without any problems in other applications. When viewing images with FRV in these locations, I am also able to set ratings and things (so write permission really seem ok if you were thinking in that direction). FRV would also create the "_Rejected" folder as mentioned, but no files will be moved.
Thx! o)

Dear Sir:

Something doesn't add up here. We will investigate.

Thank you! o) As said, I'm happy to help where possible.

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