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Hi Folks! o)
First of all, I'm really impressed by FRV. Nice work! o) 
I was so impressed with the viewing speed, I got addicted and also upgraded hardware to get even faster raw viewing with FRV. o)

Unfortunately I have some issues I'd like to resolve with your help. I maintain a list of things, let's start with a bigger issue I have.
The copy/move functionality does not work for me.

A move/copy to "_Rejected" or other folders fail for network drives or file system locations wich are network related (UNC paths like \\\d$\tmp\delme e.g. or folders which are symlinks to network locations). Thumbnails will always dissapear after initiating a move e.g., but no image is ever moved. The "_Rejected" folder will be created most of the time but remains empty. Images don't travel. Sometimes FRV tends to hang after initiating the move, killing the app is necessary. Choosing a move-to location manually also does not help.
If there is anything I can do to help investigating the problem, please let me know! o)
Thanks, tb! o)

Dear Sir:

Please make sure that the network drives are mounted and you can browse files there using Explorer/Finder.

Hello, thanks for your quick response! o)
The network locations seem to be perfectly fine. I can browse, edit, copy, move and create in these locations without any problems in other applications. When viewing images with FRV in these locations, I am also able to set ratings and things (so write permission really seem ok if you were thinking in that direction). FRV would also create the "_Rejected" folder as mentioned, but no files will be moved.
Thx! o)

Dear Sir:

Something doesn't add up here. We will investigate.

Thank you! o) As said, I'm happy to help where possible.

Dear Sir:

thank you for the problem report and sorry for delayed answer.

We managed to reproduce the problem with UNC paths, after that it was easy to fix it.

Here is fixed version:



This is snapshot of current 1.4.4-development release. New features of 1.4.4 are described here:

Please note, that new feature 'Single file operation shortcuts/menu can now work with multiple files at the same time as well' is turned OFF by default in this particular build 1181 (to not confuse you with this feature that changes standard behavior while woking with several selected files). To enable it, use corresponding checkbox in Preferences - Other section.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Hello Lexa!
Half an our after I purchased a license, you fixed an error I reported. Coincidence I think, but nice anyway! o)
I tested the version you linked to and moving files to _Rejected now works fine for generic UNC paths like below:
That's great news! Thank you! o)
With local symlinks though, which point to these exact same UNC paths, FRV still fails to move the files. A little enhancement when using symlinks is still there. Files won't vanish from the grid or thumbnail bar anymore even though they were not moved/fail to move.
So with a local symlinked folder D:\dat\gfx, which is pointing to \\\dat_content\gfx and created like this:
> mklink /D D:\dat\gfx \\\dat_content\gfx
FRV would not move files if the path opened contained the symlink. It does show images and stuff fine though, so I think it's not a general access problem. I investigated a little on my own with procmon.exe and found out that FRV seems to not correctly resolve the symlink when moving files.
This is an excerpt, just trying to move a single file to _Rejected here. Notice the selected line. There is some weird path all of a sudden, reading D:\dat\UNC\\.. so it's local and UNC paths all in the mix. Maybe that is part of the problem? 

Thank you for your time and efforts! Greatly appreciated!
Hope to read you soon. o)

Thank you for detailed reply.  It looks like symlinks needs to be resolved before creating _Rejected folder.

If folder is already created, D:\dat\gfx\_Rejected should work fine (will try...)



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team


We use Qt toolkit (version 5.4) for GUI and many other functions, including file handling. It looks like Qt's QFileInfo::canonicalPath() function works wrong with symlinks on UNC names (returning D:\tst\UNC\IP-addr\...).

We'll try to come round this problem in some way.

We'll contact you in a few days when we'll have something to test.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Yes, looks like! It works! o)
Accessing storage by UNC over symlink might not be the most common scenario, but now I'm very happy I don't need to wrap my head around (any longer) on how to get FRV handle this, very nice! o) Appreciate your work, big thanks! o) I'm busy digging through some RAWs now.. o)

Great to hear that this version solves the problem.

Your another issue: please create crash dump when FRV awakes from sleep (see my another message in another thread). I suspect that small (customizable) delay after awake may fix the problem, but I need to look into crash dump first.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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