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Dear Sir:

I'm still unable to reproduce the problem (tried 4k+FullHD monitor combo and two 4k displays, but one set to 1080p).

In my tests, FRV always correctly receives OS notification about resolution change and re-draws bottom bar as intended.

BTW, your Windows build number (15063) corresponds to Windows Insider Preview (beta) build, released in Mar 2017. Insider Preview builds often contains bugs (for example, we've seen checboxes missing in our installer for 2 or 3 builds in november 2017).

So, I opted for another solution:

This build: contains new checkbox Preferences - Interface - Use fixed bottom bar size (in pixels), this checkbox is ON by default in this build.

With this checkbox ON, bottom bar height is fixed in pixels (25...60 pixels for Small..Extra Large bottom bar size) and font size is calculated in pixels (not points), relative to bottom bar height.

This is  'proof of concept, not final solution, because bottom bar icons size need to be adjusted.

Could you please test this version and provide us w/ feedback.