Bottom Bar unreadable


Dont no why but.
Version 1.4.5 Build 12016 (X64 openGl)

Dear Sir:

Is it in "maximized window" mode? What happens when you try to resize the window? Could you please contact us at for the further.

it is in all views included maximized.
i did a reinstall, what not helped.
did a uninstall with a uninstaller programand removed al register items.
And did a clean install.
Still not good.

Perhaps next info gives some idea what i did before.
1 have two screens, a 1080p and a 4K screen.
When i placed FRV on the 1080p screen it all was good.
Then i moved FRV to the 4K screen, and it was good.
When i moved back to the 1080p screen, it was wrong, even when i move FRV back to the 4K screen.
Everything works oké, no prblems sofar whatever.
Only the Bottombar info.
i did try different screen resolutions, from 1024 up to 1920, but the problem remains.

Dear Sir:

Thank you very much for the additional information, we will investigate the issue.

Its fixt, but i have not a real idea why..

What i have done.
A reinstall from my videodrivers.
and a windows repair because my audio stopt working.
after that FRV was fixt to, so perhaps something in registery was broke?
I did the windows repair with - Windows Repair

Damn its back.
But this time i have the controle.
I have FRV as standard viewer for my NEF files, dubbelkik in explorer opens the photo in FRV.
If i do that, the bottombar is wrong.
Now, if i click with the rightmouse in explorer on a NEF file,
and go for the option "open with" and the choose FRV, there is no problem and the Bottombar is the way its supose to.
I hope you can do something with this info.

Thank you for the information. Will try to reproduce this way (it should be no difference in run method, but I'll try).

BTW, could you please specify Windows version and, if it is Windows 10 or 8.1, your display settings for your monitors (is it something automatic, or you've set specific resolution/screen magnification/etc)?



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Win 10 Pro 10.0.15063 Build 15063 64bit.
Monitor settings is the max what each can handle.
1 with Ful HD 1920 true collor 32 bit, 60 hertz (Philips PHL 247E6)
1 with Ful UHD 3840 true collor 32 bit, 29 hertz (its a TV Screen Philips 49PUK4900/12
a short video (its hidden only visible by this link)

Dear Sir:

I'm still unable to reproduce the problem (tried 4k+FullHD monitor combo and two 4k displays, but one set to 1080p).

In my tests, FRV always correctly receives OS notification about resolution change and re-draws bottom bar as intended.

BTW, your Windows build number (15063) corresponds to Windows Insider Preview (beta) build, released in Mar 2017. Insider Preview builds often contains bugs (for example, we've seen checboxes missing in our installer for 2 or 3 builds in november 2017).

So, I opted for another solution:

This build: contains new checkbox Preferences - Interface - Use fixed bottom bar size (in pixels), this checkbox is ON by default in this build.

With this checkbox ON, bottom bar height is fixed in pixels (25...60 pixels for Small..Extra Large bottom bar size) and font size is calculated in pixels (not points), relative to bottom bar height.

This is  'proof of concept, not final solution, because bottom bar icons size need to be adjusted.

Could you please test this version and provide us w/ feedback.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thx Lexa, it works now...
I appreciate all the help and time you have given. Thumbsup.

That window version.
I am the sort off people who, If it works, it works, and wil never change a thing.
But i keep it updated every time when MS say there is a update.

Great to hear that the problem has solved for you. Even icons at bottom line looks ok (not so in my Windows version).

Most likely, we'll move this option to 'Additional (hidden) options', but it will continue to work on your side. I'll not change icon sizes until someone else asks about it.

Windows version: Current Windows 10 (Creators Fall) is Version 1709 Build 16299.15,  Insider Previews are at builds 170xx. Your version is 2-week before spring-2017 'Creators update'


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thx Lexa.

Sorry, we're forced to rename this setting, so for new versions (starting from 1.4.6-1217, available at ) you need to turn it on again.

To do that:

 - FastRawViewer - Menu - Help - Auxillary settings scripts; Windows Explorer window will open

 - navigate to UseBottomBarFontPixels script and double click on it

- Windows Registry Editor will start and will ask you're sure (answer Yes :)

- Close FRV and start it again.

To turn this setting back to default use NoBottomBarFontPixels script the same way.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thx Lexa

i cant believe it, its back again. after almost 2 years?
And exactly the same as before.
I dont no why frv was opend on the 4k monitor.
When i dragged it back to my other monitor, the problem was there.
Did a uninstall by a uninstaller, and installed the latest version. 1.5.3 build 1519

Its not a big problem its only when dubbelclicked on a nef file toe open FRV.
Rightmouse and open with works fine.

I just want to inform FRV ;)

Is it possible, that you've wiped out your preferences (e.g. via Windows re-install, or just by changing user profile)? If so, is UseBottomBarFontPixels script helps (or not)?


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

UseBottomBarFontPixels script does make the text visable and readble.
I do use rightclick and open with, then there is no problem.
i have now a plugin "Topaz Denoise AI" in photoshop that have the same problem.
So the problem must be something else...
I suspect my videocart...

Found the solution.
when checking the 4K display settings > scale and layout> format of text and apps
It was set to 300%, changed it to 100% and all was good again :thumbsup:

Yes, FastRawViewer is not suited well for 300% font increase. We're aware of the problem and working on it (no exact ETA right now).

We'll notify you in this forum thread when we'll have something to test.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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