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Thank you so much for your response and the link.
Oh, I see there are notions I am not aware of. My RAW editor is Capture One 11 (before that Light Room) and star rating is pretty straightforward there.
I have fired up my observation too quickly - Please apologize for "the newby"  behavior.
I should read the manual first - but hum who reads manuals LOL.
OK, being more serious - I'll dig better the rating options FRV propose.
By the same occasion, more I use FRV more I like it.
Using Capture One I like a lot its refined graphic interface. I would wish overall FRV GUI be more refined too. FVR will certainly evolve on this too. Eventually, may I kindly ask is there a roadmap for future developments? When is the next version planned to be released? Why I ask: I have seen that "Tagging" is coming only to version 2.0 - tags are so much needed - would be cool to know when approximately this will come.
Many thanks!
Kind regards