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I am new to FRV - I've downloaded the Demo yesterday, so far so good - the application seems to cover my needs. I'll test yet few more days ;) 
Otherwise, I have found a little Graphic User Interface inconsistency: star rating. Please check out my screenshot. 
XMP metadata panel shows empty stars for unrated image
When an image is rated stars are plain in XMP panel.
Rated image thumbnail shows empty stars
(but empty stars in the first step informed me about unrated image - so when I see empty stars down there on the thumbnail confusion arise, and I go back to XMP panel to be sure if the image is rated)
Ok, this might be a personal feeling, but in my humble opinion stars should be plain everywhere when an image is rated (yet maybe instead of empty stars in XMP panel, dots or smaller empty stars would be better to differentiate visually & very clearly unrated from rated image)
Thanks, cheers

Dear Sir:

Stars under the thumbnail are 'two state' (present or not), this is information-only GUI items, reflecting XMP rating of a given image file.

Stars (and color label buttons) in XMP Metadata panel are more complex, there are four possible states:

  • Single file is selected
  • Multiple files are selected
    • all files in the selected group have the same rating (color label)
    • they different rating
    • file name conflict is present, and that prevents creating XMP sidecars for selected files (e.g. file.DNG and file.CR2 are selected: no way to assign XMP sidecar for both files).

So, yes, GUI items are different in Grid/Filmstrip star indication and in XMP Metadata panel buttons.

Details are descripbed in the Manual https://www.fastrawviewer.com/usermanual14/multiple-files (see 'Alternate mode' section, this mode will be the default one starting with FRV 1.4.6)



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you so much for your response and the link.
Oh, I see there are notions I am not aware of. My RAW editor is Capture One 11 (before that Light Room) and star rating is pretty straightforward there.
I have fired up my observation too quickly - Please apologize for "the newby"  behavior.
I should read the manual first - but hum who reads manuals LOL.
OK, being more serious - I'll dig better the rating options FRV propose.
By the same occasion, more I use FRV more I like it.
Using Capture One I like a lot its refined graphic interface. I would wish overall FRV GUI be more refined too. FVR will certainly evolve on this too. Eventually, may I kindly ask is there a roadmap for future developments? When is the next version planned to be released? Why I ask: I have seen that "Tagging" is coming only to version 2.0 - tags are so much needed - would be cool to know when approximately this will come.
Many thanks!
Kind regards


What do you mean by 'tagging'? Is it keywording?


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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