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Like Oceanwatcher, I consider it extremely important for the viewer to offer the fastest possible way to check sharpness in an image at 100%, i.e. 1:1 zoom ratio. This is excruciatingly slow in Lightroom and my number one reason to use another app for preselection at all. The best implementation I have found so far is in in Nikon’s VievNX-i: In single image view, you can point the mouse cursor at the desired spot, click and hold the mouse button to temporarily zoom to 1:1 (and pan if necessary), and finally release the mouse button to display the whole image again. This is more efficient than using both the mouse (to select the spot with a click) and the keyboard (to toggle between full image and 1:1 by pressing the Z key). Since a single or double click on a photo in single image view does not appear to have any other purpose in FastRawViewer than to select the area to zoom, why not combine it with this very action that is the most likely one to follow in just about 100% of all cases anyway? As the app’s name implies, workflow speed is essential, and any superfluous keystroke or mouse action slows down the preselection process.