Zoom 100% to clicked point

Depending on monitor size, it can sometimes be difficult to judge if an image is in focus at the right place.

The shortcut to zoom will always zoom to the center of the image, but that is not necessarily the correct place. Especially with portraits. How often do you place the eyes of a person dead center in the image? :-)

So I would like to be able to use the mouse and click on a point to quickly zomm to 100% centered on that particular point. Then click to get out again. It is the best way I can think of to check that I have focus at the right place.
Any chance of getting a feature like this? Or maybe there is a way already that I have not found?

Dear Sir:

please make sure you have not unchecked Preferences - Zoom - Zoom anchour at mouse cursor (default is: checked)

This setting affects both mouse and keyboard zoom (zoom in/out and toggle zoom).

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That solved one of my workflow problems :-)


Svein Wisnaes

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