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An Update...

I have switched to OpenGL (along with the other settings you recommended), though there is almost no speed difference compared to DirectX11.  The NVIDIA Control panel confirms that it is in a "PCI Express x16 Gen3" slot.
Turning off the "Decode and Show external JPEGS" does increase the speed noticeably, though as David Clark mentioned in this thread (, I have found the best workflow is set FRV to display the jpeg images and then switch to raw to view the exposure when desired.  The display of the raw images is not clear enough (for me) to make decisions about fine focus.
My only other thought is that I am running four monitors, I don't know if this could have any impact on how the GTX 1080 performs.  At some point I will run a test with only one monitor connected and see if it makes a difference.
I am interested in any updates and happy to beta test a new version.  I will check the blog and feel free to send me a notification by email.
As I mentioned earlier (I think), the speed is not so bad that it is unusable and I truly appreciate your efforts to help me improve it.
Also, thanks for considering my feature requests.