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It seems that your check for updates function is not working as, having gone to look at the forum, I find we are now up to 0.9.4 and I was on 0.9.3 with an updates check frequency of 'On program start'. Even check for updates in Help did not reveal there was an update :-( However, it seems that the only change you have made is the colour management, and this is of little interest to me as I want to use the program for sorting (and eventualy keywording) before importing into Lightroom, where colour management will be dealt with. Not that I have any problem with you including it as I can always turn it off if I find it impacts on performance. 
However, to go back to the image rating, which is where this thread started. Having used it for a little while now, I think it would be good to have a couple (at least) of interface presets. One to suit Lightroom where the Reject button would become  a "move file to rejected subfolder" and the '0' button a clear ratings button, and another to suit Bridge. The main purpose of the software is to sort pictures before importing them into the main processing/editing software, and having buttons that are not used in the selected next stage can (in my case at least) lead to confusion.
While I can quite see why you are getting requests for other functions such as printing and emailing images (the last one from me!) I am backing away from this as it is the start of bloatware that could rapidly result in the loss of FRV's main advantage, that of speed. As for my own request to be able to email images, I find it is satisfied by selecting the area and zoom level I want to email and copying it using 'Snipping tool', which is already a part of Win7, and allows the use of a highlighter and pen before direct export to your email client, so why repeat all those options when they are there already :-)