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Full marks for both 1 and 2 :-)

I find the high contract is fine for the majority of the shots I have tried it on so far but it is great to have the ultra high contract available. However, I do find that there is now a greater need to reduce the exposure and that setting the 'saturate up to' to zero is not enough any more and most shots need a -0.25 or -0.5 EV . While I am not after perfect results from a program used just for sorting shots before final processing, it would be nice to have the majority of pictures needing no manual adjustment before they can be assessed. Being able to set the default EV would be ideal, though simply ticking the 'Keep manual Exposure Correction for next file' is a close second best that I can live with if that is complicating matters too much. The difference being that with that ticked, as well as adjusting the occasional shot, the following one would need adjusting back to default, rather than being there already.

Finally, with no list of changes (at least, not in English), I am not sure whether you mean that two of the several changes are related to my requests, or that there are only two changes, both of which are related to my requests. Should I be looking at anything else in this release.