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Never mind recalibrating, I would ideally like a new camera :-) but when added to a new underwater housing, with suitable lenses and and ports, it would cost around £5K and so is out of the question and I am not sure that would be the answer anyway. In common with many underwater photographers, I still take my pictures with manual settings. Though in my case I don't have the option of TTL as my strobes can't cope with the number of pre-flashes used by my camera anyway. However, I think my problem is actually that the auto exposure is calculated by FRV to push the image as far to the right as possible without saturating highlights. This is fine for most shots where the background is usually the bright area (the sky) and the main subject, where you want to easily see details, is slightly less bright. Underwater, particularly with macro, the subject is the brightest part, and without the 'sky' to act as the target for the brightest values, a -0.25 EV drops the subject down into the area of brightness more usual for the main subject and most easily viewed. I realise this is not the case for most photographers, and in any case you have added the facilities for me to get round the problem so I am fine, and happy to accept that yet another checkbox to suit me when 99% of users have no need for it will just add to the clutter.

With that same aim in mind, I was not suggesting putting 'Keep correction for the next file' checkbox on bottom bar. I agree zillions checkboxes and radiobuttons on preferences page can be a problem, but putting them on the bottom bar can be even worse. Items that only need setting once have no need to be there. Only adjustments that are made to individual pictures, or information specific to the picture. I would think you have it about right as you are. I will just tick the box in the preferences and leave it that way.