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First impressions are good, but still some improvements possible.

1) The bottom bar is not as I would expect. Firstly if I hide the channel selector only the buttons go and a space is left at the expense of other buttons, However this is when the white balance manual tune button is hidden. If I always show the manual tune the channel selector space disappears and the manual tune is there, however if I set manual tune to show if fits, it is not shown, even though I have just seen it can fit, and the empty space has come back. I have not tried all the combinations (there are too many!) but there seems a lack of logic altogether to what you see at the moment. 'If fits' don't always show when there is space, gaps are left where buttons are hidden but with other combinations the space goes.

2) The white balance pre-sets are a bit strange as well. I would expect what you select in the drop down to be what is selected, for example Dayl...600K becomes Daylight FL, when selected, and that is different from Daylight! Others have different descriptions as well.

3) The Curve is still global, not specific to the image as the other settings are.

4)The XMP settings are better, and I like the review status for Lightroom. Having them change depending on the settings is also good, however, if you set Adobe Bridge the use XMP reject rating is automatically ticked but if you go back to a Lightroom option it does not clear automatically, which confused me at first. I also wonder if both clear buttons should be a X rather than one X and one grey. Possibly a box round the selected colour as well as the different shade would make it even more clear which is selected.

5)The drop down labels don't match the Lightroom review status, eg red is to delete if hovered over but the drop down label is Select

I hope that helps. I may find more given a bit more time, but development is certainly going the right way :-)