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1) This may well sort itself out once you have finished the EXIF code. It just seemed very strange the way it came and went. However, setting the EXIF summary to hidden does seem to make it all behave better.

2) I can see the problems you have with long names, but my criticism was that you use different abbreviations in the drop down to what actually appears on the bottom bar (both being abbreviated) Neut...500K should appear as Neut...500K on the bottom bar not Neutral Whit (or vise versa)

3) I'll be patient

4) Good

You don't mention the automatic setting but not clearing of the 'use XMP reject rating' box

I did not realise you had a box round for anything, not having tried any read only files. I think a box draws your attention to the active box more effectively, perhaps you could use a black box R/W and coloured as you already have for R/only, though it is quite workable as it is if that is getting too complicated. As always the "keep it simple to keep it speedy" rule applies :-)

5) Glad to be useful! I don't use the menu either but I just thought I would have a quick look.