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I think we might be at cross purposed over this. It is not the abbreviations that seem wrong, so that adding 10 pixels will make no difference. The problem is that the names used in the drop down are not the same as the names that appear on the bottom bar. As I am understanding the problem at the moment, you hard code the text at one instance (probably the dropdown) but the camera provides the text for the other, which varies from camera to camera, so they are unlikely to be the same. More space will make no difference, the only way to get round the problem would be to either use the camera provided names in both instances or convert the cameras names to your names and use those in both instances.

In actual fact, I am unlikely to use this facility much anyway, as underwater there is no concept of sunny, cloudy, tungsten, and so on. I will be using the custom temperature and tint sliders which are great!