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I must admit I am quite happy with logical expressions so that is not a problem to me. However, I can't  actually think of an occasion that I would want to create a smart collection of pictures that are so bad they rate a zero. I suppose I might want to just select them to delete them, though in that case I would probably have already flagged them to reject. The zero button would, in my case, be used simply to do what the mouseover text already says, and that is to clear the rating, so it need not change colour itself, and could be an 'X' if you like. What is not immediately obvious is that it also clears the reject flag (though it is easy to work out when you find the reject button does not toggle) as it appears to belong to the numbers, and an 'X' might make that more obvious.
Talking about the 'Reject' flag, not that I use Lightroom's third flag function, but if you are wanting to match Lightroom, there are actualy 3 states for the flag. Flagged, Unflagged and Rejected. You only have Unflagged and Rejected.