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This thread raised two questions in my mind.
1. What is the signficance of the 117 mark when viewing JPG's? Isn't the middle either 118.9 or 127.5?
2. You said:
"FRV defines dynamic range from 'overexposure limit', so it is full DR, +3EV (from midtone to saturation) is already included in calculation.". 
Is it assuming 3.0 stops over some unspecified mid-point or is it based on the maximum value that RawDigger would see or what? In other words, how does it decide what "EVzero" is for the histogram?  I've noticed that for some shots, I can increase the exposure to more than +3.0 before hitting an overexposure indication, but usually not.  not much. Also, I can't find "overexposure limit" on the preferences, just some things that sound like they might be the same but not that exact label.