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Dear Sir:

the camera reports it as 5700K, LR reports it as 5500K + 6 magenta, and FRV as 5535K/5

This is normal, 200 K difference at this CT is 6 mired, nearly 3 times less than the weakest colour correction filter available

when I import them into LR, they show a custom WB of 5535K + 5, and not 'As Shot'.

The reason may be that you've checked "Forced XMP file creation" in FastRawViewer Preferences - XMP section. I see no harm, however, as the values are still correct.

if I reset a photo to 'As Shot' in LR, the next time I open it in FRV, the WB is something truly absurd - 2068K/-156

That might be a bug, might be not even ours; we will look into it. For now, could you please try setting "Preferred XMP tags for Exposure/WB" drop-down in FastRawViewer Preferences - "XMP / Exposure, Contrast, WB" section to "FastRawViewer".

For your convenience, FastRawViewer Manual comes with the installation (main Menu - Help - "PDF Manual") and is searchable. You can also download it separately in higher resolution from - direct link is